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Have you invested your life savings through PI Global who employs David Milne a UK undischarged bankrupt, a failed businessman. Roger Gumbrell lives an extraordinary super-rich lifestyle all at the expense of others, mainly his investors. He is a dishonourable man who doesn't pay his staff properly. He holds his clients in contempt after rinsing them of all their wealth & maximising his commission payments. Stay well clear of these dodgy... Read more

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Reasons for offshore investment Motivations for investment offshore include: Tax advantages - tax regulations often contain provisions to protect against taxation by multiple jurisdictions which can be exploited for legal tax reductions.[1] Nations intentionally attract business investments through lower tax rates. The corporate-tax trend over the period from 1980 to 2010 has trended lower, with the top rate in OECD countries (excluding America)... Read more

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Roger Gumbrell steals peoples money. Not just mine, but other unsuspecting foreigners arriving in Malaysia too. This is a tale of the ultimate British low-life using corruption in KL to his perverted advantage. As an American newly arrived in Malaysia, I joined a website called “Internations” so I could meet friendly expats also living and working in KL. The “KL Ambassador” of Internations, Jason ***, soon contacted me and welcomed me to the... Read more

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