Roger Gumbrell steals peoples money. Not just mine, but other unsuspecting foreigners arriving in Malaysia too. This is a tale of the ultimate British low-life using corruption in KL to his perverted advantage.

As an American newly arrived in Malaysia, I joined a website called “Internations” so I could meet friendly expats also living and working in KL. The “KL Ambassador” of Internations, Jason ***, soon contacted me and welcomed me to the KL. He seemed friendly and of course I had no idea I was being duped into The Long ***.

Jason *** introduced me to Roger Gumbrell who is the owner of PI Global based in Mont Kira which seemingly provides financial advice to expats just like me. I thought I had truly landed on my feet being introduced to Roger Gumbrell and felt that I could trust this British guy. Surely a trustable British expat would look after this lost American!

Roger Gumbrell gained my trust and guaranteed my life-long savings would increase dramatically under his advice. Roger personally met the owners of each investment and personally vetted each scheme. Nothing could go wrong. I was advised to invest in several offshore schemes each one apparently guaranteed by various insurance companies and governments.

None of this turned out to be true.

Michael Whiting provided poor advice and every single investment bar none failed taking all my money with it. Numerous other investors also lost vast sums of money in the same manner, the same scheme, the same long ***. Jason *** meets-and-greets, Roger Gumbrell lures them into poor investments taking his cut along the way.

The amazing thing is, Roger Gumbrell is still running PI Global to this day hiding behind the corruption of the KL to keep in control, connecting with the right people to stop him being investigated or sued. As the ex-vice-chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in KL, he has put himself into a position of trust. A position he abuses.

Make no mistake about it, Roger Gumbrell stole everything from me and continues to feed off fresh expats to this very day.

If you ever come across this company or this hideous man, stay well away. Take my advice as i've lost $100,000's

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Oh dear, oh dear.The writing looks like it's on the wall, doesn't it, though I wonder if a few of these comments are from other brokers, putting the boot in.

However, I am pretty appalled by the American guy's experience, and this is more than in part because he trusted the 'nice British chap'. BEING British, and having first-hand experience of Mr Gumbrell, I feel obliged to make amends, as he's bringing us all into disrepute. (I'd like to say in our -the British'- defence, that he has been an expat for so long that he barely recalls being British himself.) Of course, there are miscreants in every nation, but it is sad that you felt duped by someone who you trusted to a large degree, simply BECAUSE he was British.

Most advisers worth their salt (and many reading this) will tell you that it is very difficult to actually DO any investments for Americans.

In fact, in the UK, where I did MY exams, it's one of the first things one learns ("If you are approached by an American, there's nothing you can do".) Unfortunately, Roger never did any financial planning exams, so he wouldn't have ever learnt that, but you weren't to know this. I'm afraid that he is also a GREEDY man, so it probably wouldn't have made any difference, anyway.

There ARE now actually things which can be done for Americans, but it is still a very specialised area (simply put, it's because of their 'tax you wherever you are in the world' stance). I would like to offer you a...

I don't want to do that, as Roger is a litigious sod, and though I have said nothing that is untrue (and could tell so, SO much more), I can't be bothered with the fight.I have a proper business to run; he has too much time on his hands.

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Salford, Salford, United Kingdom #1107518

Does anyone have any information about a Mr William Milne working for P I Global as he has been made bankrupt in the UK but I believe he is still working as a Senior Consultant for P I Global in Kuala Lumpur.

to PandSage #1118276

Contact these people and tell them what you know. They will be very interested in a bankrupt giving financial advice, especially as you have already informed Roger Gumbrell and he did nothing.

Good luck.

Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA)

Level 17, Main Office Tower

Financial Park Complex

Jalan Merdeka 87000 Labuan, Malaysia Phone (General): +6087 591200 Fax (General): +6087 453442 Fax (Communication Dept): +6087 428200 Email:

to PandSage Dunstable, Central Bedfordshire, United Kingdom #1129658

Dodgy Roger and Burglar Bill!

to PandSage #1232645

Milne is still working for dodgy Roger. Contact the following regarding your complaint:

Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA)

Level 17, Main Office Tower

Financial Park Complex

Jalan Merdeka 87000 Labuan, Malaysia Phone (General): +6087 591200 Fax (General): +6087 453442 Fax (Communication Dept): +6087 428200 Email:

to Roger Rabbit #1239281

Many thanks I have contacted them, not sure how long these things take.


My understanding is that Roger Gumbrell of PI Ltd is currently being investigated by LFSA. They have been aware of his fraudulent activities for a long time.

to Darren #1108389

That is interesting and I hope it is true that he is being investigated and pays for what he stands for.I was unfortunate enough to have a relationship with one of his Senior Consultants who I lent a lot of money to, money left to me by my parents, that was 7 years ago and I took it to court in London last year where he was declared bankrupt but seems to still be working as a senior consultant for the aptly named PIGlobal.

He still owes me the money.I wrote to Roger Gumbrell about it, no wonder he didn't respond!

to Anonymous #1111455

Contact Amirul at Labuan Financial Services, they will want to know all about your financial loss and the lack of involvement from dodgy Roger.One of Roger Gumbrell's Financial consultants killed himself because slippery Roger stole his commissions.

What a disgrace of a man.

It's worth an email to tell then the story as they are investigating him as I write this email. The Financial Authorities have had Dodgy Roger in their sights for some time now.

he is trading insolently amongst other crimes being committed.

Filthy man he is.

to Labuan Financial Services Winsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom #1113888

Thank you I shall do.

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